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किस्सा होशियारचंद और गपोड़ी लाल का ...

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Hoshiarchand and fibbertigibbet case of red ...
A person sitting on a tree branch at the branch was driving the ax. After a while he went through a priest. Act silly smile on her that she did so, "You fool! 'Re Sitting on the same branch cut're not little sense squab ... You will fall down!" Who else read the same person - written and cautious person knows it.
                          Maybe if I'd heard of you, no matter Tokkr immediately tells me, "is the story of Kalidasa Mahapandit were fooled before and after it became a great scholar., We do not even know who is so stupid., You clever enough You know ... we know ourselves. "
                        No! She also lost in the moment geographical distance, which takes several questions to ask. Thing was getting Kalidasa, in this context the character of African folk - tales the story Ithyyopiai "Gura is described in the logger. Tutored The story immediately India - Africa ties between the bridge literature, Dawn Kvijot While classical comedy reminiscent of the sweet silliness and get the latest offers.
                         Because of the importance of the Aclmndon fools. Exactly the same way as the rich - poor, sun - shade, black - white, sweet - bitter, dark - the light, the husband - wife or a snake - the pair of ferrets. 'S A French proverb, "After speaking au rmurk intelligent thinks before speaking.
मूर्ख क्रोध से शासित होता है और अक्लमंद विवेक से और अपवाद स्वरुप कुछ घटनाओं को छोड़ दिया जाये तो जीन पाल की यह बात भी सच है की ग्यानी हर बात की अपने से आशा रखता है और मूर्ख दूसरों की और ताकता है.दद्दू के दो दोस्त Gpodeelal few are smarter and smarter now and who also need to explain what the ..!!! .. Hoshiarchand neither the owner nor the horse poop Agadi. condition is work-culture. ever is concerned at the slow progress. however, Dddu remember that it's persuasive fibbertigibbet red is going to fool ourselves, not others.
                   Socrates said, "which is silly fool knows that he is the world's largest intelligent., But he does not know who the fool is a fool is the biggest idiot in the world. Fibbertigibbet red does not know the he is fooling others, he himself is the biggest idiot. pimple appears that he is a bird, not a noose. fibbertigibbet red are many recipes for judging., he inexplicably yells meaningless .... crap ... trust strangers and friends Susmn understands. 's not clever
Was given a few pieces of coal can also try to white wash with soap. Deaf and blind to listen to the song of the movie appearing thinks the same thing.
              What kind of people do not think the market is going to fool. Market Trhi fully - as a person knows Sultanate her to keep the consumer will still remain. Filled the tam - Jamऔr new ideas Glamour point by serving full of cleverly hidden charges, "the fool in the market (consumer), so too is making. Maybe that's why the bald one seems to understand Khgi buy smart automatic.
                                    To fool the public understands the changing times, when red was the leader fibbertigibbet has started making a few smart people (too late now) is the leader of fibbertigibbet red Biyh alarmed the people now realized fibbertigibbet red pants (chair) to move No core - leave nothing to chance.
                                   Dddu were saying no is not an outspoken intelligent human being completely stupid. Foolish the wisdom of the wise and foolish Para - B - rarely experience the can be done. Hard to spot a he is - from above such wisely began to appear foolish or wise in appearance such foolishness.
                       There are many clever boss in the office in front of a few remain just stupid boss of holding them in the crusher does not work. Agadi same way many fibbertigibbet red boss has opened its pole. Another interesting fact is की गपोड़ी लाल की हँसी हमेशा होशियार चंद को चक्कर में डाल देती है.भैंस के आगे बीन बजाते हुए गपोड़ी लाल को कई बार देखा है होशियार चंद ने लेकिन उसे कौन समझाए की गपोड़ी!भैंस से अक्ल बड़ी होती है .. . dunce he is ....
   I drink milk like cat eyes shut ... which is why he thinks no one is watching.!
                       That is the smartest few weak crass then begins to sing, "Everything we have learned, not learned smart" world the truth ... "smarter fibbertigibbet Lal Chand and identify their location can be both inside and outside. They together or individually may appear . Who will recognize it ... now I am only a few will tell you!!!


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